Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weekend in Leesburg, VA

I'm becoming a regular ghost writer. As in....I don't really exist to write. *snicker*

September and October are the WORST months ever known to anyone in the sales operations position in my current company. We work long hours and never seem to catch up on all of our work. Hence the reason I was so tired and non-existent this past month. But. Hopefully I'm back for a while now.

The past two weekends have been so much fun for me. My mom came down from PA to visit me both weekends. Last weekend we just hung out at my house because I couldn't really even stand up let alone walk. (I messed my back up again.) This weekend Mom and I went to the 72nd Loudoun Hospital Ladies' Board Rummage Sale. Would you believe they had an entire barn just full of books there!?! I ended up spending $17 for a huge box of books, 9 of which were Barbara Cartlands. P.S. Barbara Cartland's romance novels are my secret obsession. I also found a handful of old sheet music. Like 1920s and 30s old. Love it!

After the Rummage Sale we went to the Leesburg Outlets to pick up a few items. Of course we had to stop at the Yankee Candle outlet store. I found two of the most fabulous gift sets for under $10 each. Thing is, they are so fabulous I think I may just have to keep them for myself.

We then made our way into downtown Leesburg. My first time actually stopping there. I've driven through the downtown quite a few times, but have never had the time to stop and walk around. We had lunch at The Green Tree. The owner was our server! Really great food and such a cool little place. Once lunch was finished we wandered through the two antique stores across the street. Found an old skeleton key for Shayla at the first store and at the second store I found the crowning achievement of my entire day. Ready for this? I found a copy of The Vanishing Shadow with the Dust Jacket still on it! (that's a Judy Bolton mystery for those of you not in the know.) But, that's not all. I also found a Vicki Barr mystery and best of all! - The Finding of Jasper Holt by Grace Livingston Hill. Mom found that last one and I'm seriously surprised she still has any hearing left at all in her left ear. I think I honestly shrieked when she read the title aloud and asked it that was the book I had been looking for. Not too long after that second antique store, we decided it was time to head home. Well, technically it was my back and hips that made the decision for us. We are definitely going to be going back up there the next time Mom comes down for a visit though cause there are SO many other shops that we didn't even get to glance at that we definitely need to check out!

So, yeah. That was my weekend.

Oh. and then this afternoon, I shifted all my books around on my bookshelves. There aren't any more empty shelves left. *innocent look* No. I do NOT have an addiction to books. Not at ALL.