Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Kind of Test

so, i just got a droid this week a i wanted to know if i could actually write a post on it. guess what...i can.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Of everything. I need a break.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out of Practice

About an hour ago I posted my latest Facebook status which reads:

Hannah: Read The Education of Bet this morning and am working my way through Persuasion. After so much fluff (aka current YA fiction), Persuasion takes so much more brain power to read. I'm SO out of practice!

Then, I read and agreed with Tahereh's latest post.

Now, I'm wondering where I stand exactly on this. I adore YA fiction. Always have and probably always will. However, I find myself wanting to read more of the classics again. I'm only on chapter 9 of Persuasion right now. Why? Because each chapter is taking 10-15 minutes to read and comprehend. (That's 4-6 pages in each chapter) Terrible timing! I should be better than this. I USED to be better than this. I blame it on YA fiction. BUT, I don't regret my YA, so, what to do? I've got an idea and I would like to know if it sounds too crazy.

Since I've well passed my goal of 200 books read this year, I've got time to "waste" reading. Here's my idea:

I've got ALOT of classics on my new bookshelves that I've still not read even though I've had many for well over ten years. I think I should probably tackle reading them now that they're out in the open. How about for every non-classic that I read for the remainder of the year, I tackle a classic just so that I can actually say that I've read all the classics that I own? Sound like a good plan? This would allow for my YA addiction to be satisfied, while reviving the practice of reading and comprehension of all the OLD books.

Tell me...what do you think? "Good idea" or just "plain'll never make it!"