Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Day of Books

This weekend I was up in Pennsylvania visiting my parents and going book shopping with my mother and youngest brother, Stephen.
We started at the local library book sale where it was a Dollar a Bag day. Best book sale day EVER! When you go in, the "cashiers" hand you a plastic grocery bag. However many books you can fit in that bag is $1. Let me tell you, my mother and I have got the bag packing down to an art. Such an art, in fact, that I actually start to feel pretty bad about getting so many books for so little money. Usually I just shrug the feeling off and am just thankful that I was able to get so many good books. This time I didn't get that feeling, but I decided to request a third bag even though I was perfectly fine with just two. So I paid $3 for all of the books in the picture below instead of $2.

Not a bad haul for $3 if I may say so myself.
Next up, the Salvation Army store. They were having a 50% off everything in the store sale. I didn't get anything other than books. Yes, I only bought eight books there, but they didn't cost too much considering the 50% off deal. These eight books cost me $3.59.

Not too shabby.

And last but not least, the crowning achievement of my Saturday search for books. I have been collecting Trixie Belden books for years, but haven't found any in almost as much time. I've looked on eBay multiple times, but always ended up turning away mainly due to how much each book cost. Plus, on top of the winning bid, there is always shipping costs. Anyway, I normally wouldn't spend $6 on a used book, but in this case, I definitely made an exception.

Total tally for the day...55 books for $12.59. I did a pretty good job. Did you get any new books this weekend?


Britt said...

Way cool!!
I haven't gotten any book recently...but I don't get out of the house much. :-S
Cal's Books-that I went to a couple weeks ago with my day-does a trade-in. I am hoping to find out how that works and then get over there--I have a few books that I don't need to keep (books that I didn't enjoy or I don't want to read more of the series because I didn't like them) and may get more books then.

Jendi said...

Yes, I got books! I love the dollar days - apparently a lot of people do. That was crazy at 10:30!

It was great to talk to you for a bit.

I only got 2 plastic bags. I would have been able to get them all into one paper bag. So their prices have gone up.

P.S. Don't feel too guilty; most of those books are donated to them.