Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to November

Okay, so I realize that I've pretty much only written once a month for the majority of this year. What a lousy blogger I've turned out to be this time around. Oh well, Life happens. :-)

November is my birthday month. You might remember that from last year when I started this blog. I'll be 26 in 7 days. Weird. I'm only 4 years from being 30 years old, but I don't really FEEL any older than I did two years ago. Then again, I suppose I do because I do occasionally visit my parents home in Pennsylvania and when I do, I realize how much I've changed since I got married and moved to Virginia.

For example, I went home to PA on October 23rd for the weekend. While my parents home is still home to me, I did feel like I was out of place. I've never been the perfect daughter, but it was still odd to me that I am more willing to help my mom out now than I'd ever been while I still lived at home. (Epiphany! So THAT'S what's going on!....I'll have to explain that later. I will explain it though, I promise.) I suppose it's because I have a house of my own to run with three extra roommates that I understand more that there really IS that much work to do in even a very small house. There's always something that CAN be cleaned up, washed, or done. Unlike my mom, though, I don't feel driven to constantly be doing something in my own home. But I know my mom is MUCH more of a clean freak than I will ever be. So I do try my best to follow the rules that were laid down in my parents home when I was growing up. An example: the dishes get washed after each meal. My parents home is so small that even the smallest amount of clutter makes it seems even tinier. I sincerely dislike doing dishes; especially since I am the only pot-washer in my own home, however, I tend to be more willing to do dishes at my parents home now that I understand what my mom has always done for us. Please bear with me...I know I'm kinda rambling. I never really thought this through before and this is my thought process as I'm thinking it. (aren't you glad you can't get lost in a person's head? ya'll would go mad if you had to think like me for any length of time!)

Anyway, all that to say...I think I'm finally growing up. So much for being Peter Pan. I suppose my Definition still hasn't completely changed, but I can tell you that it is being revamped every day anymore. I think I like what it's turning into, but I'll have to get back to you on that one too.

Was there a specific time that you realized YOU were growing up?


Alicia said...

Uh, I think I was eleven, had three younger siblings, and realized that I wasn't a little girl anymore. I felt like I was much more grwon-up inside than I was outside.

Other than that, I think it was a gradual process. But when I changed my name on facebook to include my maiden name, I sat and looked at that and the person that name represented didn't even seem to be me at all. I remember her, sometimes I resemble her, but I'm not really her anymore. Know what I mean?

Phoenix said...

I totally know what you mean! I was messing around with a new pencil at work last week and I wrote my maiden name and had pretty much the same reaction! go figure. Sisters think alot alike, huh?