Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Story of Anniversary and Unpacking

Imagine my surprise as I considered the title of this blog post when I followed a hunch and googled "5th anniversary". This is what I landed on. Notice the traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary is wood. I'm pretty sure Joseph didn't know that when he stopped by Costco with his dad early this week and discovered the most beautiful bookshelves. Nor when he decided to buy said bookshelves.

Side note: it has been a wonderful five years of marriage already. Where HAS the time gone? I cannot imagine life without Joseph anymore. And I'm sure I don't want to be able to do so either. I certainly do love that man!

A very good friend from college, Josh, visited us this week so he and Joseph spent two evenings putting these shelves together for me once they brought them home. A HUGE thank you to him for his help!

The former residences of my book collection.

Schoolbooks. Computer and Programming (aka Joseph's). Non-fiction and Kids' books.
Fiction A-C

Fiction D - Y.

Aren't the BEAUTIFUL! It has been over 10 long years since most of my books have felt the stability of shelves for display. The vast majority of those years were spent in boxes. Granted they had be re-boxed many times over as I sorted through them multiple times looking for a particular book to reread, but for the most part, they stayed in the boxes.

The basement (where the shelves are) has a very homey feel to it now that I am loathe to leave. It was quite a hard decision to come upstairs to my room to get online instead of staying downstairs to continuously admire my new bookshelves.

The only downside to having all of my books visible - I can now see my many unfinished series that I am now itching to complete. This could very well mean the end of my pocketbook. Joseph will have to lock it away to keep me from spending all my hard-earned money on nothing but books.


Alicia said...

Beautiful! A couple comfy chairs down there and you can call it "The Library". Maybe you'll find some you don't want too and tehn you can use paperback swap to get the ones you do want?

Hannah said...

You know, I just skip the shipping costs of paperback swap and go visit my local used book store instead. You can trade in your books for credit and find the ones you need for REALLY cheap.

Diane said...

Love the new book shelves! I agree with Alicia; a comfy chair, lamp, and of course and end table for the endless glass of tea. Yep, "The Library" sounds like a good name for it too.

Jacki said...

Those bookshelves are amazing!