Friday, June 5, 2009

New Haircut

I needed something different. My roots were getting really bad with the yellow hair growing out and my hair was getting long enough to pull into a ponytail. Let me explain the ponytail comment...If my hair is long enough fr a ponytail, it never comes down. It's too easy to keep it pulled back. Plus, I don't really like having my hair on my neck. Weird, I know, but that's me!

So I went to a hair salon for my very first ever professional hair dye. My hair stylist's name was Paris, and she is an absolutely wonderful lady! She helped me choose the color to dye my hair back to a more normal state, then also helped me choose the highlights. Unfortunately, since I've never had my hair dyed professionally before, I had no idea how long it would take. I planned my hair dye and cut before my piano lessons this week. The appointment was for 4:30pm. Thankfully, I did go early. My lessons start at 5:30pm and I was late. I know! I couldn't believe I was honestly late to my second week of teaching piano lessons. Paris was fantastic though. She worked as quickly as she could to have my hair dyed before 5:30. We almost made it too! Not quite, though, so I ended up making an appointment with Paris for Wednesday at 5pm to get my hair cut.

Of course, the Wednesday appointment went spectacularly! I had taken in a picture that I found in a magazine of a haircut that I just adored so we did have something to go off of. And Paris, dove right in after just a few questions about the specifics of how I wanted the bangs cut and the length that I wanted the rest of my hair to be.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this cut! It's so easy and ME. haha. I know, I'm conceited. (it could be worse. I could tell you that Paris told me that she thinks I would be able to wear pretty much any style haircut because I have a good face for it. oh wait...i guess i just did. my bad.)

Without any further adieu...Here it is:

This is how I came home. Because I promised my bro-in-law's girlfriend pictures of the finished product, I took pictures as soon as I stepped in my house. You wouldn't believe the number of comments that I have gotten about looking like Lady Di for this hairstyle. But...that's okay because once my hair fell...I started to see the cut that I fell in love with.

This one. I LOVE it. Now, my hair is longer than it looks in this picture, but because most of it was tucked behind my ears, you can't really see the length. I will post more pics as I try out different ways to wear this haircut, but for now, would you mind sharing your opinion of this haircut with me? I will love it either way, but I do try to consider the people around me if they just can't stand the look. LOL!

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Jacki said...

I think you look fabulous! I love that hairstyle on you.