Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Silly Questions

Copied off my older sister at Daughter of Hope cause she thinks I'm most likely to follow in her steps. Hmmm. Guess I am.

1. What is your occupation right now? Wife, Sister/Landlord, Sales Operations Specialist, Mary Kay Independent Representative, and Piano Teacher (did I miss any?)

2.What color are your socks right now? socks? what socks!?!

3. What are you listening to right now? NCIS, of course! It's a back, to back, to back night!

4. What was the last thing that you ate? Papa John's Extra Cheese and Bacon pizza

5. Can you drive a stick shift? If I HAVE to

6. Last person you talked on phone with? Joseph

7.Do you like the person who sent this to you? I don't think I've got a choice. It wouldn't be very nice to not like my sister. (Of course, I like her!!)

8. How old are you today? 25 (yay! I'm a quarter of a century!)

9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? don't really watch sports, but I've discovered that I really enjoy watching late night Ultimate Fighter

10. What is your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper or 7-Up

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? haha! See post right before this one. LOL

12. Favorite food? Filet Mignon

13. What is the last movie you watched? well, as long as we're not talking the whole way through...Rocky Balboa...last night.

14. Favorite day of the year? every day I'm alive, actually

15. How do you vent anger? Ummm...can I not answer this one and say I did?...I tend to speak violently (as in...I would love to just knock that guy upside the head. or...can I PLEASE go blow that guy's house up!?!) I don't really mean any of it, but I do get verbally violent.

16. What was your favorite toy as a child? G.I. Joes

17. What is your favorite season? don't have a favorite. I love snow, so winter. Flowers and bright green make me happy, so spring. Warm weather and sun, so summer. Colors of all shades, so fall.

18. Cherries or Blueberries? blueberries, but only because I can't seem to eat fresh cherries anymore. I think i'm allergic. :-(

19. Do you want your friends to post this? Of course!

20. Who is the most likely to respond? Britt!

21. Who is least likely to respond? Alicia (she already did it!)

22. Living arrangements? two-story single family home. (live-in younger brother)

23. When was the last time you cried? Honestly? today. I was unbelievably frustrated with the lack of support that I get (or don't get) from my boss.

24. What is on the floor of your closet? flip-flops, joseph's shoes, the winter bedspread, and boxes

25. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending? If Leah reads this....her. Otherwise, I'll have to count my seester, Alicia.

26. What did you do last night? FB, watched TV, and started re-reading Eight Cousins

27. What are you most afraid of? never being able to have children

28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? cheese

29. Favorite dog breed? that would be a Canaan dog (Boxers are my second favorite. I've got Rocky because Joseph doesn't like Canaan dogs.)

30. Favorite day of the week? Any day that I get off work on time. (NOT the weekend...I never feel relaxed after a weekend.)

31. How many states have you lived in? that would be three. (PA, FL, and VA)

32. Diamonds or pearls? diamonds. I don't care for either, but have found that diamonds match more of my clothes and other accessories.

33. What is your favorite flower? Daisies! (they're such happy flowers)


Alicia said...

So I'm only your oldest friend if Leah isn't around? :^)

Phoenix said...

yup. i'm going for friends here...not family. LOL. family is always friends for us. ;-)