Friday, July 24, 2009

"When are You Leaving?"

So started a Facebook conversation with my older sister, Alicia. Yes, readers, I'm leaving. Oh! Don't worry! I'm not leaving the blogosphere, just Virginia for a few days. The questions that followed gave me the almost perfect post that I'm about to write now. Let me answer them in the order she hit me with them.

"How long are u staying?" I'm staying until Wednesday night.

"Do u know anyone else - this is a Mary Kay thing right?" Yes. and Correct. Oh, yeah... I suppose I SHOULD say where and why I'm going, shouldn't I? I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Dallas, Texas for the Mary Kay Seminar. Back to the above question. I know at least four other people that are going. My Director, Jeannie; my recruiter, Hannah S.; and two other consultants, Bonnie and Barbara.

"What's it about?" What is Seminar about... Seminar is all about Mary Kay consultants. It's where Mary Kay celebrates its Independent Beauty Consultants and Director and their hard work each year. Mary Kay hands out pink Cadillac keys and other prizes at Seminar.There are classes to attend to help teach the consultants how to better manage their businesses. And really...tons of other stuff that I'm not even sure about!

"What else r u going to do in Dallas?" Haha! I don't think I'm going to have time to do much of anything else outside of what has been planned for us by Mary Kay and by my director.

"Why did you want to go badly enough to pay for a trip - what's the draw?" Well, for one, it's a temporary in, since I own a small business of my own, I can write this trip and most of my expenses off in my taxes. As for the draw, I was told that if I never attended any other Mary Kay function/conference, this was the one that I absolutely would not regret having attended.

"R u doing much Mary Kay these days?" I have to admit that my answer for this question does not make me happy....No, I have not been doing much Mary Kay at all these days. I feel like I have no time after I get off work from my real job. I know that's not how it really is, but that's how it feels and let me tell's a hard feeling to shake! My other problem is...the Mary Kay average is 1 yes to every 10 nos. For me it has been more like 1 yes to every 20 nos. Discouraging? Absolutely! If any of ya'll know ANYONE who would be interested in hosting a Mary Kay class, I would be ecstatic about the opportunity. I've yet to have even ONE class. Pathetic is an understatement.

And the last question: "Do you have plans for Dallas other than the conference?" Kinda, maybe. Depending on when my friend Chris from college leaves the Dallas area on Saturday, we may just have the chance to see each other before he comes up in August. It would be the first time we will see each other since 2005 at my college graduation.

So, wish me luck, ya'll! I'm gonna need it. oh, and I solemnly swear to take as many pictures as I possibly can without scaring my roommates completely.

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Jacki said...

Can't wait to see your pictures!