Friday, July 3, 2009


So Shayla and I went out today all over the place between Fairfax and Aldie. We started out in Fairfax, planning to eat breakfast at IHOP. That was a very short lived idea, but at least it was late enough that we just went to Taco Bell and had lunch instead. From Taco Bell we hopped onto 28 then 29 down to Manassas to visit McKay's Used Book Store. (Best book store EVER!) After leaving Manassas, I took Shay down Sudley Road to Route 15 to see the castle. Yes, I did say castle. There's one on the right side of 15 if you're heading to Leesburg, right before you reach Braddock Road. Of course, since we were seeing the sights, we went down Braddock Road on our way to Gum Spring. Then, we reached the fork in the road. We chose to explore Lightridge Farm Road. I just have to say that I had no IDEA what treasures were off that road! It was so much fun. Then...we saw it. The most incredible HOUSE. BOTH of us kinda exclaimed out loud at the same time. I seriously slammed on my brakes to stop in front of it so we could actually look at it. Unfortunately, there was a stupid blue car coming up behind us so we had to continue on. When we reached Sudley Rd again (who knew that Lightridge Farm Rd. came out there!?!) we quick slipped into the Post Office parking lot and turned around to go back the same way we came. When we passed THE HOUSE again, we stopped to snap a picture, then moved on. We hadn't even passed the next house before we said at the same time..."Do you want to go back?" So another turn around. And this time we pulled into the driveway of THE HOUSE. Lest you think we're totally crazy, THE HOUSE was completely empty (abandoned, i think.) We took a few more pictures, told each other that we would buy THE HOUSE in an instant if we had the money, got back in the truck and headed home. I know, you're probably dying to see what kind of house would have two girls go so crazy. If you don't like this house, you're as nuts as my modern's okay...I still love him, so I won't hate you or anything...promise. DO have to let me know what you think of THE HOUSE.

This was the first picture that Shayla took.
After we decided to turn around again and we pulled into the driveway.

After walking past the No Trespassing sign. (I'm now a criminal! LOL)

So, please, tell I crazy for loving this house? I know it's old and it IS a fixer upper, but I have seriously fallen in love. I need opinions, people!


Alicia said...

Brian loves it. I think it's beautiful. It's not quite THE HOUSE for me, but it's not too far off either (I love Cape Cods... and Twelve Oaks...). Then again, if I could ever afford that house, I think I could fall in love forever.

Jendi said...

I can't say that I'd turn around 3 times to see it. LOL!
But I would take it in a heartbeat.
My husband even said, "Wow!"
And we don't mind fixer-uppers.

Jacki said...

I am with your sister...that house is beautiful and I would LOVE to have something like that to fix up. There's probably a wonderful story behind it.

You know, I haven't been to McKays in years. We have a used book store here in Warrenton, so I normally just frequent that one. However, I've heard that they have expanded and have tons of books.

Peter Dyrholm said...

how can you not love that house.
Notice the porches (double).
I am thinking the upper is off the bedroom and perfect for sipping a cup of tea while reading a book. Peace and quite... nothing but the wind in the trees...

Phoenix said...

I totally agree, Peter! I'm thinking one of those wooden swings with a bunch of pillows on it...yeah...sounds about right. :-)