Monday, December 7, 2009

Box Tops Giveaway - Done

Question for you: Do you collect Box Tops for Education and Campbell's labels for Education? And if you do : Do you give them to the school your child attends or is your child homeschooled and you give them to a friend or local church group?

I collect both. Have since I got married. I was homeschooled and I intend to homeschool my future children so I know I can't use them myself, but I figure I'll find someone that can use them. My personal excuse for collecting and saving them...The more money I can collect through these labels and box tops is that much less that the schools are going to demand be taken out of my paycheck. (Not necessarily, of course, but still it's a start, I think.)

Anyway, the reason I'm asking is this. I have $3.40 worth of Box Tops and 52 points and 8 full labels from Campbell's that need a home. I'm giving them up for grabs here. If no one says they want them by Wednesday at 3:30pm EST, I'm going to take the Box Tops to my church and I'll find someone somewhere that wants the labels.

I'll continue collecting the box tops and labels for sure, it was just time to empty the Ragu container that I store them in cause it was getting almost too full to get them all out again.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have them... We go crazy collecting.. in october we turned in over 300!

abookishmom at yahoo

Jamie said...

I would love them, i am a teacher and I split box tops between a few schools, they are such a great help

JACS2002 AT aol DOT com

Pat said...

I collect Boxtops for Education and Campbells labels for education and give them to my granddaughter's school.
pkildow at gmail dot com