Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Husband, the Dinner Artist

Joseph made me come home from Thanksgiving in PA early last month. I had hoped to stay until Sunday afternoon, but Joseph thought ahead and anticipated the traffic of people heading back home after the holiday. He told me that I had to be home on Saturday. So I left PA right after breakfast. When I arrived home safely in Virginia, Joseph proudly showed me his Pork Crown Roast. He just whipped it right out of the refrigerator and popped the lid off the container he had it sitting in waiting to be cooked. Then, he proceeded to hand me a lengthy grocery list of items that he needed in order to cook the Roast.
After a few false starts, Joseph's best friend Tres (said Tray) went with me to the store. (I lost my driver's license in the past two weeks, but never realized it until Black Friday.) Anyway, Tres and I hunted down the ingredients that we could find, and made a few necessary substitutions on the way. It only took us an hour! (yes, that was sarcasm)
Upon arriving back at the house, Tres called his wife to come over for dinner and to stay the night while Joseph started cooking. I am not ashamed to say that I did not help at ALL with this dinner aside from the shopping part. The following pictures are the end result of Joseph's hard work.

The cook, hard at work getting the utensils to dish the food out with. Shhh. Don't tell him I've got a picture of him on here!

Tada! The finished masterpiece. Joseph was, and still is, extremely proud and satisfied with how this turned out.

Isn't it Beautiful!?!

That's white rice on the left and corn on the right. So yummy!

If you had come up to me before I ate this dish and told me that dried fruit that was cooked in grape jelly would taste good I would have laughed in your face. Now, I know better. If you want the recipe, I'll ask Joseph where he found it. I do think it was on, but I'm not positive about that.
I'm going to leave you, with my mouth watering for a bite of that fantastic pork crown roast, hoping that I didn't make you as hungry as I am now.


Jacki said...

It does look delicious!

And I just noticed that we have the same kitchen cabinets! I guess our homes were built by the same builders...

Jendi said...

Three cheers for husbands that cook! My man made stuffed shells for Christmas day - delicious!