Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

1. Although I enjoy wearing jeans around the house, I prefer to wear dresses or skirts to work.
2. I used to think that I had Celiac Disease. Thankfully, a second blood test proved me wrong.
3. I would rather watch an action movie over a romance movie anyday.
4. I am the tallest of the “Claytor girls”. My mom is 5’1”, my younger sister 5’2”, my older sister 5’3” and I am 5’4”. (these heights are rounded to the closest inch and unless Alicia has either shrunk or grown, they are still correct.)
5. I had, at one time, a sort of fan club because I was the only wife out on the mountain paintballing with her husband. No seriously, I did. There were a few boys who totally told me that they thought that Joseph had the coolest wife ever!
6. I am the scaredy cat of the Claytor family when it comes to doing whatever I want. I was always afraid to get caught by the parents and was usually the first one to tell the truth about something that happened.
7. I love to try new things. New foods, new places, new activities, new friends.
8. I have Lyme Disease.
9. The cutest, sweetest, rottenest boxer pup in the whole world belongs to me. His name is Rocky. (I know…sooo original)
10. My random need to pick a fight with someone at a random time on a random day usually causes the biggest fight between my husband and I. He always wins.
11. I have my motorcycle license, but don’t have my motorcycle just yet.
12. I want a Harley Davidson.
13. I LOVE to read.
14. Despite loving reading, the title of biggest addiction goes to my Facebook Wrestler. (my wrestler could totally kill yours!)
15. I do write a blog ( ), but I prefer to read everyone else’s. My life just isn’t as interesting as theirs is.
16. I have been married for three years to the man that I used to absolutely hate.
17. But…before I hated him, I thought he was the cutest guy at PCC.
18. Some days it feels like I’ve been married for forever instead of just those three years.
19. I’m not really good at writing lists.
20. My dad told me that of all his girls, I am the most like my Mom.
21. Not quite sure how I feel about that. Lol
22. I have never kissed any guy other than my husband. Joseph was my very first kiss.
23. Joseph was also my first boyfriend, fiancĂ©, husband. (oh. Wait! That’s my ONLY boyfriend, fiancĂ©, and husband.)
24. My younger brother Titus, lives with me in Virginia
25. I love that I live so close to Washington D.C. although I haven’t been to D.C. nearly as much as I would like to.

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