Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book List (February Update)

Books read so far this year. I finished reading Ellen Foster in January after posting my book list on the 28th. February was also a rather good month for reading. (which is why i didn't post as often on my blog.)


Sandry's Book ~ Tamora Pierce
Tris's Book ~ Tamora Pierce
The City of Ember ~ Jeanne DuPrau
The Mary Kay Way ~ Mary Kay Ash
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg ~ Gail Carson Levine
Teddy Jo & the yellow room mystery ~ Hilda Stahl
Teddy Jo & the ragged beggars ~ Hilda Stahl
Teddy Jo & the magic quill ~ Hilda Stahl
Land of Hope ~ Joan Nixon Lowery
Land of Promise ~ Joan Nixon Lowery
Boxers for Dummies ~ Richard Beauchamp
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand ~ Gail Carson Levine
Ellen Foster ~ Kaye Gibbons


Coffee with Plato ~ Donald R. Moor
A Time for Witches ~ Lynne Hansen
Reckless Revolution ~ Lynne Hansen
Gilded Delirium ~ Jordan Stokes & Mattew Belinkie
The Mark on the Mirror ~ Margaret Sutton
A Thousand Goodbyes ~ Jim Hube
Coffee with Mark Twain ~ Fred Kaplan
A Member of the Family ~ Cesar Millan
The People of Sparks ~ Jeann DuPrau
Tanglewreck ~ Jeanette Winterson
Alanna The First Adventure ~ Tamora Pierce
In the Hand of the Goddess ~ Tamora Pierce
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man ~ Tamora Pierce
Lioness Rampant ~ Tamora Pierce
Trickster's Choice ~ Tamora Pierce
Trickster's Queen ~ Tamora Pierce

Now, I'm sure you've noticed from the titles of the last few books I've read this month that I really enjoy reading books in the fantasy genre. I'd also like to point out that the three books : A Time for Witches, Reckless Revolution, and Gilded Delirium, are actually Sparks Notes for History. Basically, the authors took the Witch Hunts of Salem, the Revolutionary War and the Gilded Age and wrote books based in those time periods to help kids study their history. They were interesting books, but thankfully they only cost a $1 each. They most likely will NOT be staying in my book collection. I'll probably never read them again.
The last TWO book on my February list are re-reads from a number of years ago (we're talking college and before college). The first four Tamora Pierce books are the story of the mother of the main character in the last two books. ALOT of fun reading this month. Hopefully, March will yield a list of books that were both entertaining AND educational with a few non-fiction thrown in for good measure.

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