Monday, February 2, 2009

Of Games, Flowers, and Tea

Since Alicia's girls both had wicked colds this weekend while we were all up in Pennsylvania for my grandmother's memorial service, I was exposed to mad germs for two days. So, yesterday afternoon, after I made it home to VA, I finally noticed that I had a VERY sore throat. Convinced Joseph to take me to Target to get some medicine. Joseph always checks his toys first so we headed to the electronics department first where I saw that they had quite a number of Wii Fits in stock. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I've heard about the Fit in the past week. I pointed it out to Joseph and he told me to get one. (I REALLY wanted one, but wasn't planning on getting one any time soon.) Obviously, I bought one. We picked up an entire armload of medicine then headed home.

I had hoped to buy some vitamin C tea while at Target, but their tea selection wasn't great at all so Joseph suggested stopping at Harris Teeter. As soon as we walked into Harris Teeter, Joseph (knowing that flowers always help me feel better) told me to pick out any flower that I wanted. For once, the options were actually pretty lousy. The daisies in the case were sickly looking and all the other flowers were also rather run down. Now the potted plants, however, were beautiful. So I chose out some pink Gerbera daisies pretty close, but a little lighter than the one below.

As for the tea, I found two different kinds. Salada and Yogi. Particularly the one below. It's tasty, but not the best I've ever had. sure did make my throat feel better.
So, quick rundown since last night. I absolutely adore my Wii Fit! The flowers are perfectly cheerful as all daisies should be and my cold is starting to vacate my throat but seems to be moving into my sinuses instead.
How was your weekend? Do you own a Wii?

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