Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yet Another New Favorite

At the beginning of May I was wondering around You Tube looking for music videos of Naruto music. Which I found. But, then, on the side I noticed a video for a song called Ring Ding Dong by SHINee. First, I was like, "SHINee. Really.?. What a name!!" But I decided to click on it anyway. And the world of Korean music opened up. I learned about DBSK. Big Bang. 2NE1. 2PM. 2AM. and many, many others. It didn't take long for me to create a new playlist on You Tube that was just Korean music. I completely understand that I CAN'T understand the music, but you know, that doesn't bother me. I understand the Feeling behind the music. And that enough for me.

My favorite Korean group is Super Junior. They are comprised of 13 young men. Yes. 13! Their music ranges from happy, bouncy to slow, and heartfelt. There's a few that have some pretty strong driving beats that can be kinda dangerous to drive to, but they're fun! Don't worry. I'll share my favorite video with you in just a minute. And you can then proceed to tell me that I'm crazy for listening to these guys. and I'll agree with you, then continue listening anyway. :-)


Darlyn said...

OMG! You too!I just found out about them when my 15 years old friend's sister told me about them!LOL.

Hey, have you watch any Korean Drama? The last drama I watched is You Are Beautiful. They are so great!

Hannah said...

Darlyn...I think we are really twins that were separated before birth! I haven't started in on watching the dramas yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long. LOL.

Darlyn said...

You have to watch it!The actors are so cute and the songs are so cool!