Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Laugh in the Face of My 2010 Reading Goal

Hahahahaha! Take THAT you huge number known as 150. I smoked you. Fair and square.

Oh, by how many books, you ask?

Do you really want to know?

*mumbles* 118

You didn't hear me?

*a little louder than a mumble* 118

FINE! Since you keep insisting on being able to handle the truth!

I Read 268 books in 2010. That's Two Hundred Sixty Eight books. Wow. That looks even bigger than a larger font does. I should write my high numbers out all the time!

*pats self on back* Yes, dear, you did a good job. Now put your ego away and finish up the significant number of books that you started last month but never finished. You lazy bum!


Teddyree said...

hahaha funny girl :)
You did great, makes my total of 72look kinda piddly in comparison LOL. Hope 2011 is just as good for you!!

Darlyn said...

hi Hannah!How are you dear? Hey, 200++ is way better than mine. At least I achieved my 'read 100' books last year.Hope I can do better.Up the amount a bit maybe 150 books. but i guess you'll do lot better. =)

happy new year Hannah.Hope you have a great year!

Terri Deitrich said...

WOW! Quite impressive. You have inspired me to go to my library and check some books out! Thanks for your comical, inspiring posts :)