Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

*For Girls eyes only*

Last month I visited my doctor to learn more about polycystic ovary syndrome. See I haven't had a 'problem' with PMS in over a year. Anyway, last month I was given an order for an ultrasound to check for cysts. I lost the order until this morning so i took it to work with me today. I called the appointment center just after they opened and made an appointment for 3:30 in the afternoon. I was told to go to the location in L-burg. Well, I went to L-burg, which, by the way...is incredibly cool. I had to drive through the historic section of the city. Beautiful.
So, I got to the medical center and a few minutes after signing in my name was called. As I stepped to the window, the receptionist told me that I had been set up for an appointment at the location that just happens to be quite literally around the corner from my house. I was a little upset, but was very relieved when she followed up with the offer of waiting 15 more minutes since someone else had canceled their appointment for 3:45pm. Of course, I took it. And ended up getting my very first ultrasound. I always thought that my first would be when I got pregnant, but apparently I need to find out if pregnancy is even possible first. My doctor has even gone so far as to recommend finding a fertility specialist already.


Alicia said...

I didn't realize that you were so close to L-burg. Love that city - so pretty.

I'm glad that they're figuring all this stuff out now. And an ultrasound is way better than a pap smear!

Jacki said...

I love L-burg, too. Have you been to Middleburg? That's also a beautiful town.

I'll pray that the doctors can find out what the problem is!

Jendi said...

Not sure what to say, but wanted to say something...

My first ultrasound was during a miscarriage. Not sure if that would qualify as when I got pregnant.

Sorry to hear about your frustrating run around.
I pray things get figured out.

Anonymous said...

Losing weight will help with getting pregnant. I learned this the hard way.