Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Reunion

This Saturday my mother's family got together for a reunion. I wasn't supposed to be able to go, but after a bit of debating, I finally told Joseph that I was going up to PA. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. My next thought was..."I need to take my camera. I just have to take tons of pictures because who knows when we'll all get together again." Oh I took my camera alright and ended up with about 220 pictures by the end of the night. Of course, Blogger only allows five pictures per post so I had to pick five that shows the highlights of the party from my perspective.

Clockwise from top left: David, Jenn, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Ann.
Aunt Ann was the brains behind the reunion from what I hear. Great job, Aunt Ann! It was a blast!

Again, clockwise from top left: Christy, Charlie Jr., Charlie's girlfriend, Aunt Janet, Tyler, and Uncle Charlie. As you can see, Uncle Charlie is the life of the party. Uncle Bob is U. Charlie's younger brother and he (U. Bob) was taking pictures of all the families that showed up. When U. Bob said that he was done with the actual pictures and that he was going to film a little now, U. Charlie said that he was going to pick his nose on camera. And he did. Had to get a picture of that!

This is my family that was at the reunion. From left: Isaiah, Aunt Theresa, Grandma, Uncle Gary, Dad, Rachel, Stephen, Mom, and me.
My Pap, Grandma's husband, was the oldest boy in the original family. In the family, I think my Pap was the best looking of the boys. (you'll see later)
This was my table of fun. Partly because it was where U. Charlie sat, but mostly because it was the table of "shine". Clockwise starting with my mother: Mom, Dad, Cousin Stewart, U. Charlie, Cousin Terry, U. Don, and U. Bob. Can you guess why I call this my table of "shine"?

This is (obviously) a photo of the original Phillips children. I'm afraid I don't ever remember the names correctly so I'm going to ask Aunt Ann to name everyone. I can say that the really good looking guy in the uniform is my Pap. ( You ARE going to have to click on the picture so you can actually see the family properly.)

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