Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Work Monster

I really don't know that I want to write about work, but I just have to share with everyone a little bit of my pain. Hopefully, just writing about it will help the pain to ease. To start out I suppose I need to give a brief run down of my job. I process orders from the government for IT products. In order for me to send an order to a vendor (such as Dell) for a product, I first have to send it to our management company so that the order can be added to the "system". One girl, in particular, is in charge of adding the new order to the system. She is the work monster (WM). She does things on HER time. It does not make a difference to her if the government requires the products to be delivered next week or next month. She will still take her time. Those of us in order processing will mark an order Urgent if we need it as soon as possible. Seems to me, that those are the orders that tend to take the longest to be added. See, we expect a time delay of about one week for any particular order, but Urgent orders are supposed to be added within a matter of hours. WM MIGHT get to our Urgent orders in 24 hours. MIGHT. Not one hour after receiving the order...no...24 hours. Yeah, that's urgent alright! Anyway, I know this means nothing to any of ya'll, but I had to get this off my chest. i'm tired of deflecting questions from the sales reps and the customers about status updates just because someone REFUSES to do her job. The worst part...we can't do anything about it. Everyone has tried.

Okay, I can't say I feel alot better, but I do feel a little better.
Please don't think that my entire job is like this. There are days when WM is having a great day and we get order entered within minutes of sending them to her so this isn't an EVERYDAY occurence...just most days.

Anyway, I'm done complaining now. thanks for bearing with me. I'm still working on how I'm going to change my life when it come to WM. Will I confront her about her inconsideration of other people or will I continue to keep my mouth shut and let her continue to make our lives more difficult?


Terri said...

Hannah Dear, kill her with kindness. Seriously. If you have the ability to email her or to send her something do it. Be nice. Be the person to try and reach out an develop a good, solid relationship. I TOTALLY understand your frustration. While I don't work in your exact environment I do have to work with many people that are not in my office that I only get to talk to or email on a daily basis and I have had a rought go of it with certain WM (nice one) people. The majority of the time when I took the effort to be nice and go out of my way to try and get to know them they did a 180. Not to say that it always works but I think it is worth a try. Who knows, WM might be going through some tough times and maybe she just wants someone to need and like her for her and not for what they need her to do for them. Just some food for thought.

Phoenix said...

Hi, Terri! Thanks for the advice. Thankfully, I rarely have direct contact with my WM. I actually am not ever supposed to contact her directly, but unfortunately, I DO rely on her to be able to do my job. However, you may be right. See, my WM's husband is a contractor who is rarely home. She always seems to have something to prove to everyone around her.