Monday, March 2, 2009

*Sigh* I LOVE Snow

But I wasn't expecting THIS much! In fact, it kinda caused some problems in regard to Rocky. See, Rocky was supposed to be neutered today. I was supposed to drop Rocky off at 6:30am. Yeeeah, that sooo did not happen. Instead, I got up, showered, got dressed, got Rocky all together, went outside to the truck, got Rocky into the truck and proceeded to clean it off. JUST as I finished cleaning the truck off and I was seriously just putting the truck into reverse, Joseph called me and told me to turn around and come back home. (Obviously he thought i had already made it out of our development.) He told me that his dad had just called and told him about a huge accident in front of one of the gas stations that I pass on my way to work (also on the way to the veterinarian). So, I put the truck back in park and went back inside. That was a really short work day!
The "dent" in the snow next to the car is where the truck was before Titus used it to get to work.

Dog tracks! One of our neighbors from across the street had his female Rottweiler, Riley, outside in the side field next to our house. Rocky and Riley played in the field for about a half hour. So nice to have a calm worn out dog once in a while.

I wanted to go sledding, but the snow is much too powdery for it. Bummer.

More dog tracks. Riley and Rocky really were having alot of fun.

Titus' car from my front door. You can just barely see my walk to the door from the driveway. I don't have a shovel just yet so I had cleared as much as I could with my feet (by kicking the snow) before cleaning off the truck for a second time. (the second time being for Titus)
Oh well, what can I say? Despite the headache of cleaning the snow up, snow days ARE some of the best days in the world. I mean, it's not everyday that I get to work from home without my bosses complaining about it.

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Jacki said...

Oh we love the snow here! I only wish we had gotten more so Peter could have stayed home to enjoy it with us.