Friday, January 30, 2009

Where am I?

In Pennsylvania, of course. Alicia, Rachel, and I are up here for my grandmother's memorial service tomorrow.

I am going through internet withdrawal. It's awful. I knew I was always online, but I hadn't realized just how much I relied on it. *sigh* It's so bad, that all I've talked about today was getting to go to Panera to use the free wifi. See, McDonald's has wifi, but it's not free. Terrible. I'd rather drive five more minutes to get it for free. So, I'm here, sitting at Panera, using the internet and mentioning my FAVORITE DAD because I was told that I had to. By Rachel. Demanding leetle seester, isn't she?

I caught up on my Facebook wrestling (yes, i'm addicted to it. eeek!) and I'm currently going through my blog list. Ya'll, this just doesn't bode well for me. If I ever seriously lose my internet access, I'm going to die.


Jacki said...

I can understand internet withdrawal. I go NUTS if I can't check email at least once a day.

Alicia said...

It truly was very sad - you could tell her need for internet time was a life-sucking addiction (and I thought I was bad). :^)

Phoenix said...

Hahahaha! The worst part is...I wasn't online much at all the past two days while I've been home sick. I guess it's more a percieved need than an actual need. LOL