Sunday, March 29, 2009


That's my new nickname at work. Why? Because I dyed my hair Bleach Blonde. At first I wasn't sure what I thought of the color, but now I LOVE it. I don't think I could have pulled the color off without the cut, but it works and I have gotten so many compliments on the cut and the color!

Anyway, I needed a picture to send to my Mary Kay director so Joseph took the first three for that purpose. The last pic is just me goofing off. So, should I send Jeannie (my MK director) shot 1, shot 2, or shot 3?

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Self portrait. LOL.
Let the voting begin!


Jacki said...

I'd go with the last one because I really thinks it shows your true personality. :-)

But my favorite is the second. The third looks a little too business-like. But then again, maybe you do want your picture to be business-like.

Alicia said...

I like shot 2, Blondie. :^) Ethan's just glad that I'm dyeing my hair back to dark brown - he doesn't have Brian's appreciation for red.

Jendi said...

I vote for number 3 with number 2 a close second. Number 1 is dark on your face.

I think I remember you with that hair color as a kid in the summer. Am I remembering right?

Phoenix said...

Yeah, I think my hair was pretty close to that color when i was younger. Maybe a little less bright, though.

Terri said...

Self portrait all the way, baby!