Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm beginning to find humorous, the fact that I'm starting to be as busy as my friend Hannah. Hannah is a Mary Kay consultant and she is very involved in her church. We tend to email each other about 8-10 times each day while at work and at least once a week I'll ask Hannah what she has planned for the week and she'll answer back with the longest list in the world! I used to tell her that I had no idea how she managed it all. Then, this past weekend came along and I understand a little bit better. Let me explain.

My typical weekend consists of me going home after work Friday afternoon and either making something for dinner or (more likely) just sitting down on my laptop and unwinding from the long week. Saturday finds me cleaning my house up a little and doing laundry and Sunday is church, of course.

This weekend, however, was much different. After work on Friday I went home as quickly as possible to let Rocky out of his kennel for the time that it took me to get him his medicine and to let him outside to take care of business. Once Rocky was taken care of, I put him back in his kennel and headed up to Pennsylvania for a Tastefully Simple party at Heather's house. The party was starting at 6:30pm and I was leaving my house about 4:15pm. I honestly had no idea of exactly where I was headed. Sure, I had directions, but I've never been on 70W or 81 N by myself before. I did make it to Heather's in time. In fact, I was about 20 minutes early. Very nice. I had the backup plan of staying the night at Heather's, but didn't really want to leave Rocky home alone since Joseph was with his best friend Tres and Tres' family at Sakura (a Japanese steakhouse) for Tres birthday dinner and I didn't know what Titus was doing all night. I left for home about 8:30pm from Heather's and made it home in two hours. Got my dog from the basement where he was hanging out with Titus, took him outside, and after making to my bedroom with Rocky, promptly crashed on my bed and didn't wake up until 5am when Rocky needed to go outside. Took the pup out, and went back to bed. Thankfully, I slept until about 9:45am. Amazing! Then I kinda just did the laundry and hung out around the house. Tres and Somer came over around 4pm and we all did pretty much nothing until it was time to leave for dinner. (Joseph is exactly one day younger than Tres so their / our families always celebrate their birthdays together.) We had planned to go to Joe's Crab Shack but upon arriving there we learned that the wait time for four was one hour and twenty minutes. Instead we walked across the parking lot to Logan's. Much better choice. Within twenty minutes we were seated and being waited on. After dinner we stopped at Best Buy where Joseph purchased the entire Guitar Hero World Tour set. I actually got a new piano music book there too! yay!

We must have gotten home about 10pm but the boys still broke out the game and put it all together. Somer started off on the drums and Joseph was on the guitar while I started my HUGE pot of Can-Can Chicken for Sunday. Eventually, while my rice was cooking, I took a turn on the drums and did a lousy job of it too! Went back to my food, adding the chicken to the mix then headed back over to the game to sing along with Titus' guitar. yeah! That was much easier. Once my dish was finished cooking, I packed it all into the fridge and headed to bed. It was about 11:15pm. Didn't fall asleep until after midnight.

Woke up on Sunday at 7am to get ready for church. I had totally forgotten about the time change. That was a wicked morning! Got my food into a crockpot and loaded up my truck.

I made it to church quite early with enough time to make sure that the crockpot was plugged in and that there was enough water in there to make sure the rice didn't burn. Of course, Sunday school and the main service was on time. Then the Celebration banquet started. When all was said and done, I left church close to 2pm after having been there since 8:30am. It was a great time, but long. (most Sundays aren't even close to that long and we didn't have an evening service yesterday.)

I ended the day with a trip to Barnes & Noble with Titus where I picked up three new books. One book of retold fairy tales, one fantasy fiction, and the third a suspense thriller by my favorite author, Dean Koontz.

What a weekend! I don't know if I could handle being that busy all the time, but it sure was fun!


Britt said...

My days are NEVER close to that busy. I generally just sit at home, maybe doing a few chores that need to be done. Kinda boring. LOL

Jendi said...

Right now I'm thinking of that song from Holiday Inn that Bing sings - "Lazy, I wanna be lazy..."

Enjoy it! I look back on weekends like that and think, "Oh how nice it was." My busiest weekends then were so different than my weekends with 3 kids.

P.S. You sure buy a lot of books! No library?

Jacki said...

What is it like to sleep in until 9:45?

Phoenix said...

Jacki, it is WONDERFUL to sleep in until 9:45. My typical Saturday starts around 6am.

Jendi, there's a library about 15 minutes away, but I get free gift cards through MyPoints so I use them for books. I haven't reached the point where I have to be practical with my MyPoints yet. I like to have the latest books before even the library gets them. I'm so spoiled!