Friday, March 6, 2009

Poor Little Puppy

So, Rocky was dropped off at Pender Veterinary Centre on Wednesday morning around 6:30 so that he could be neutered. The clinic keeps all dogs overnight just to ensure nothing goes/went wrong. Of course, my dog was the epitome of goodness. It seemed to me that everyone at the clinic that had anything to do with Rocky had already fallen in love with him. Yeah, he's weaselly like that. He just wiggles his way into your heart. Anyway, since the clinic kept him overnight, that meant that I got to pick him up yesterday afternoon. You know those big plastic collars that look like funnels? I told the clinic to make sure they sent me home with one. The first nurse told me that most dogs didn't need them but if I really wanted one of course they would send one home with me. I kinda just looked at her and explained that Rocky is a chronic cleaner in the first place. The stitches wouldn't last any time at all if he wasn't sent home with a collar. She understood at that point. So, without any further adieu, here is my darling puppy with his collar on. We were on our way home so of course he's sitting in the front seat of the truck. WHAT!?! Don't look at me in that tone of voice! He REFUSES to sit in the back. I'd rather put up with him in the front seat than have to worry about an accident because he's trying to crawl up to the front between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. ....My Puppy.

Doesn't he just look sooooo cute!?! Poor baby was so uncomfortable. But, he managed to just sleep through it.


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Phoenix said...

Hahahaha. He'll be better off for it.

Jacki said...

Awww...he looks so pitiful!

Girl, where do you live?? We take Emma's guinea pig to Pender! Geez, we have to get together soon!