Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Snowed Again Last Night

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy snow? Well, I'm mentioning it now. I love snow. Everything about snow. The cold. the wet. the shoveling. the Sledding! the white. the clean feel. the sense of wonder that seeing snow always leaves me with.

Normally, when it snows, the snow will land on the trees around home and look pretty for a little while, but as soon as the snow stops coming down all of the snow on the trees just disappears. So, imagine my delight when I walked the front door of my house this morning to discover that the trees were still laden with snow. It looks like the trees all grew leaves of white. *sigh* Perfection!

When I arrived at work around 5:10 this morning I finally found a tree that had enough light to take a picture of so that I could share it with everyone.

Isn't it gorgeous!?! ALL of the trees surrounding my work building look the same if not even more beautiful. I wish I had my real camera with me not just my phone camera. Then I could share with you the Winter Wonderland that is known as Northern Virginia.

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Rachel Lynn said...

Did you know how much I love snow? Yeah, I do. Yo.