Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vanity Tuesday

Last week's plate for you was ASA FDLE. In not so many words, "As A Fiddle". As in, Fit as a fiddle.
New this week we have the following plates:
DBL BA55: Double Bass. Definitely a musician.
WCH UR 6: Watch Your 6. Apparently this guy likes to remind people behind him that there are people driving behind Them.
NO 1 LKSU: No One Likes You. I personally really like this one. Don't know that I could be so "mean", but I have to admit that it made me laugh for quite some time when I first saw it.
SCR PLYA: Soccer Player/Playa. The fact that this plate ends in an "A" is kinda disturbing because if I remember correctly, the driver wasn't so hot looking. Yet he considered himself a "playa". Hmmm. I just hope that "SCR PLYR" was taken when he decided to put an "A" at the end.
BG DOODY: LOL. Yes, this plate really IS Big Doody.
Now for this week's guess for ya'll. You'll get it easily, I promise.
Hint: Break it into two "words" of three letters and four letters. Good luck!

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Rachel Lynn said...

I love license plates!! These are awesome and your explanations often hilarious!