Thursday, February 25, 2010

What book did you hide while you read it?

WARNING! This post contains the confession of books that I have read that I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I HAVE read.

Today on Home Girl's Book Blog, Home Girl (Rachel) challenged us to "Write a blog post wherein you 'fess up to reading a book that didn't make you proud OR tell us about a book you've pretended to have read. "

The first book that I shudder to think of, but that I still read the whole way through is Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday by Alan Dean Foster. Now, it's not a bad book in any way (that I can recall), but it's TRANSFORMERS. In a book. I read it because my husband purchased it and raved about it. Remind me to take his raves with a grain of salt when they involve books about Transformers. *Side note* I LOVE Transformers. The movies and the old cartoons. But I don't really go around Telling people that. At all. *sheepish grin*

The second book that I've not ever mentioned to ANYONE is Redbook's Love Your Sex Life by Lisa Sussman. *cringe!* *opening one eye and looking around* Oh. I'm not dead yet? I bought this book three years after getting married because I wanted to do something for my husband. And I read the book the whole way through. I learned alot. That I sometimes wish I hadn't. BUT, at the same time, I'm glad I did read it because it did help me to look at my husband in a different light.

I know these books probably aren't that big of confessions for most people, but for me to admit to having read a book about sex is HUGE and even though I will readily admit to reading manga and watching Naruto all the time, admitting to reading a book about Transformers is a tad scary. I mean, I am NOT a comic book nerd! But that's the reaction books about Tranformers elicit from people.

So, what books do you hide behind other books while you read them? Any? Perhaps, children's books. Or maybe just a different genre. For example, growing up, anything that had alot of fantasy in it I had to not necessarily hide, so much as not flaunt that I was reading it. Maybe that's why I like it so much now?

Come now. Confess. I won't tell on you.


Rachel said...

Now see, as an old married girl (well, I've been married for 10 years anyway), I'm here to tell you that married-sex books are always money/time well spent. Be proud, girl! Now that Transformers one...hahahahaha DORK

Rachel said...

P.S. You're do bigger of a dork than I am, of course. :) And I'm a musician, too! What do you play, or do you sing?

jacobsbeloved said...

Thanks for your confession on my blog! Your Transformers confession reminded me of another book along the same lines of comic-book nerd that I read as soon as it hit the shelves - titled Charlie and based on the tv show Heroes. I love the tv show and I loved the book, so I guess I'm a nerd, too!

Hannah said...

@ Rachel...I play (and teach) the piano. I can sing if I have to, but I usually leave the singing to my two sisters. They're both so much better at it.

I'll embrace my dorkiness someday, but not right now, i'm still hiding my face. LOL

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

LOL about the Transformers. I really like Zelda. I dont think they are books (or I am sure I would have read them) but they are a Nintendo game and I had mastered all three of the games on different machines one winter when my kids were at school. I mean mastered as in beat the games. I can still hear the theme song in my head.

SO embarassing....LOL

Hannah said...

@Sheila...While I can't say that I've played Zelda (i'm completely inept when it comes to video games), I admit that I LOVED watching my brothers play it. I still watch my husband play his video games. I'll even help him out when he plays Call of Duty..."Hey, honey! How did you NOT see that guy standing directly in front of you until he shot you in the head?" LOL

Hannah said...

@jacobsbeloved...I adore the tv show Heroes! I didn't know there was a book based on it. I'm gonna have to check that one out. *fan girl squeal*

lori dubya said...

Are you there God, It's Me Margaret. Remember that one? It had this part about girl issues. Around 4th grade everyone wanted to check it out of the library. But in secret. We thought we were so cool.

Hannah said...

@Lori...Ya know, I've actually not read that book. But I might just have to now. :-)