Sunday, May 2, 2010

Missing Out on all the Fun :-(

So, apparently my mama-san and my leetle seester, Rachel, have decided that the best manner of communication while my mom is visiting my older seester, Alicia, is to write letters to each other on their blogs. I have to admit that I feel a tad bit left out. Rachel doesn't ever write me cool letters like she writes mom. *pout* I suppose I'll just have to satisfy myself by reading their blogs every day and checking them CONSTANTLY in case one of them decides on a random update in the middle of the day. OR - maybe I'll write an open letter to the both of them here on my blog. Of course, I'll never match their level of coolness so then again, maybe I won't. We'll just have to see.

Love ya'll!


Diane said...

Dear Hannah, Don't feel left out, I still love you! Please make sure to buy lots of good books. If you come up Thursday, you could get Jack and let him spend the day (Friday) with you. Remember Rachel will be in school. Lots of love, Mother

dArLyN said...

Awe..Dont be sad Hannah..

Gwen said...

If it will help, I can write you long letters:)

You will always be cool in my book. After all, you introduced me to mangas and they are such a nice departure! (reading Emma Volume 6 currently)

Hannah said...

Really, Gwen??? I would love you forever!

I had no idea Emma was in manga form! I'm so jealous of your finds! I'm off to Google to see where I can find copies of Emma for myself to read.