Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We're Gonna Take Over the World

We interrupt this show for a special announcement. The Brain and Sweeney Todd have taken over the world. Any person or thing that has a problem with this deal will promptly be called in for a special one time deal of a haircut and shave personally given by Mr. Sweeney Todd himself.

The question left floating through everyone's minds, though, is not how long it will take Mr. Todd and the Brain to find a new baker of meat pies, but What exactly is Pinky going to do now that the world has been taken over without Pinky's help?

It came to my attention this evening as I chatted with Rachel on the phone that I am the Brain and she is Pinky and she doesn't know what she's going to do now that I've taken over the world without her. People she needs a new hobby! Preferably one that still allows her to continue teaching her students during the day and writing crazy letters in the late night. That leaves her a few hours in the afternoon and evening that are free and open for new schemes. Then again, she DID just go to the library for a huge stack of books today so take those few hours and make them a few minutes that she'll have left over for her new hobby.

I think she should teach the new tenants of my parents' home tap dancing and piano lessons. There's nothing quite like musical cockroaches. She could have her very own musical troupe. I think this may be a winner, friends! However, on the occasion that she actually does follow her mother's instructions, she'll still need something new to do with her free time. That's where ya'll come in. What hobbies can you suggest for poor Pinky that will only take up a few minutes each evening yet still be ever so satisfying? Leave any suggestions in the comments. I'm sure she'll love all of them.


Rachel Lynn said...

Did I mention that you are a very funny writer?

Rachel Lynn said...

I could spend my spare moments nursing my bitterness at being ultimately abandoned in your world-conquering scheme, Brain. You'd better watch that big head of yours - if Sweeney finds out that you really knew his wife was alive before he killed her (how confusing!) you'll be cooked with the roaches and he'll ask ME to join him in world domination!

Darlyn said...

Obvious answer form me; read mangas, watch anime, play wii.. *LOL*

Hannah said...

@ Pinky....Flattery will get you nowhere, but thank you for telling me I write funny.

@ Darlyn...I KNOW, right! The world would be a better place if everyone read more manga and watched more anime. For reals! :-)

Diane said...

I definitely like the idea of the musical and tap dancing creatures...but she'll have to keep them outside. How about correct school work?

Teddyree said...

*shudder* mentioning cockroaches did some damage ... I'm now too traumatised to come up with a new hobby, unless it's one that involves cockroach extermination!! LOL