Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paris Mountain

On Wednesday we went to Paris Mountain to feed the ducks and geese.

The mallard family

Rosie: "I want to hold your hand, Uncle Joseph."
Uncle Joseph: "Nope."

Rosie's "I wanna hold your hand" dance

Boy! That Uncle Joseph isn't very nice!

But he is a good follower.

One of the VERY hissy mama geese

Uncle Joseph playing the Pied Piper and bringing the hissing geese to the stairs so we can feed them without worrying about them trying to bite the kids.

Rose feeding her hissing geese

Following the leader aka Ethan

Rose getting a piggyback ride after tripping and scraping up her entire right leg.

Rose wouldn't smile cause her leg hurt too much so Ethan helped out while Anna laughed.

To the falls!

The falls over the dam

Mom with her eldest

Mom with her sweet baby

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