Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm visiting home tonight. Titus, Stephen, and I are sitting in the girls' room waiting on Mom and Rachel so we can watch The Last of the Mohicans. Of course, Titus and I are having fun teasing Stephen. We're quoting movies and it's awesome. Everything I say Titus is finishing.

Alright, so our movie has started. I'll chat with ya'll later.

**Edited to Add**

The Last of the Mohicans is finished and can I just say that I have never laughed so hard while watching such a "serious" drama. Ever. Titus, Mom, and I were making fun of everything. Magua became "Fat Man". Did you know that Magua means Fat Man? Well, it does now. Oh, and Alice...she wasn't a sickly, quiet girl...she was a "special" person. Uncas never learned how to fight, and Chingachgook was the Old Man that No One wants to Mess With. Oh, yeah, and Hawkeye - he's the only good shot with a rifle on the American frontier in the state of New York. And last but not least, Cora and Nathaniel had children whose hair was forever tangled, and HUGE! Yes, watching movies with the family is soooo much fun!

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