Thursday, June 17, 2010

Promises. Promises

At the end of last month I told Darlyn that I had enough stories to last me through all of this month's blog posts. That would be a post a day. As I'm sure you've noticed...that certainly did not happen. I can't even tell you why not. However, I am writing a post now and will write another as soon as I'm finished with this one.

This particular post is here to serve as a warning of a post to come. Today I visited Borders with Titus and Shayla in order to use up a 40% off coupon that I received in my email this week. I must say that this particular trip was definitely the highlight of my time here in New Hampshire so far and I've only got one day to top it so I'm pretty sure it's going to show as the best day EVER!

Here's a hint:

I SPENT - $27.23

I SAVED - $94.62

My promise? I solemnly promise that I am up to no good. Oh wait! wrong promise!

I promise that when I get home from New Hampshire (probably late Saturday night or sometime Sunday afternoon), I will write a blog post to tell you all what I bought at Borders today that allowed me to spend under $30 and still save almost $95. *pinky promise*

Are you jealous yet?


Rachel Lynn said...

Intensely jealous. Share your secrets, O Great One.

Darlyn said...

Please tell me the tips.I'm soo jealous.If I were you, there will be nada at all..Haha!

Tahereh said...


tell me tell me tell me OMGGG

Jacki said...

I love going shopping and saving more than I spent. :-)