Friday, June 18, 2010

W-Day - 8:15AM

After my last post, I wandered downstairs to find Ma up and making coffee. Chatted with her for a few minutes before heading out the door for breakfast. I've been craving some Dunkin Donuts since we got up here this past Saturday. yummmy! On my way to DD, Shayla texted me her order. (shhh! don't tell Titus. he's against Shayla having DD right now. Something about it makes her hyper. I don't know WHAT he's talking about.) I'm not sure if the weird looks that I got while in the parking lot of DD were because I am all dressed and ready for the wedding, or because Titus' car has VA license plates. Probably both. Anyway, managed to get breakfast without any problems then headed back home. I was hoping to get the PT Cruiser through a car wash, but the wash wasn't open yet so I stopped at Market Basket instead. Grabbed Lysol cleaning wipes, Glass wipes, and paper towels.

When I got back to the house, Ma and Shayla were already putting Shay's bouquet together. Once I finished up my doughnuts, I helped out. Let me just tell you...this bouquet is GORGEOUS!! Ma did a phenomenal job. While Ma and I labored over the flowers, Shay took pictures so I'll have some nice ones to share at some point. Probably late tonight or late tomorrow. Don't worry...I won't forget.

After breakfast and flowers, Shayla and I went outside to do a little bit of cleaning on Titus' car. It looks SOOO much better now! Not quite night and day, but pretty close.

Shay's in the getting ready stage of the morning and I'm gonna be needed for hair and makeup soon. Maybe we'll be able to get Ma to take pictures of this part.


Darlyn said...

Pictures!Please take a lot of pictures!!

Alicia said...

So glad you're letting us enjoy the day with you. The bouquet sounds lovely. And did you seriously think that Shay was going to sleep today?? I thought I was giddy when I got married, hehe.