Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All sorts of Grand Plans with no Follow Through

I had definite plans to write a blog post each day of this month. I was not going to fail in doing this. And then, yesterday happened. *smirk* It always does.

Work went fine. Well, as fine as work can go after a week's vacation and a long weekend on top of it. Of course I didn't want to work. Who would? Still, most everyone seemed happy that I was back at work and my work hadn't piled up impossibly high - just ALMOST impossibly high.

After work I went home and found myself relieved to not have to teach any piano lessons since my normal Tuesday students were still traveling home from their long weekend away.

Then, just about the time I was going to start my blog post, Ashley got home and all my plans went out the window. See, Ashley was in a rather bad accident yesterday on her way home from work. She just recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee and hadn't been having any problems, but for some reason, yesterday her breaks decided to lock up at the worst possible moment. She ran into the back of the car in front of her and all but totalled her Jeep. Since the airbags in her vehicle deployed while both of her hands were on the steering wheel, her right arm was very sore and starting to swell. Immediate reaction from Joseph, Titus, and I - get Ashley to the ER or at least the Urgent Care center near us to get x-rays on her arm. So, Ashley and I headed out for Urgent Care. Of course, when we got there we discovered that the place had closed 30 minutes before our arrival. We went to dinner instead. Now, let me mention here that it was not Ashley's idea to get her arm x-rayed. She has broken her right wrist two or three time before and kept saying that it didn't feel as bad as it had when she had broken it before. "Better safe than sorry," I kept telling her.

We never did make it to the ER after finding Urgent Care closed. Instead we went to Target after dinner to pick up Alice in Wonderland. I did, however, make her all but promise me that she would visit Urgent Care in the morning if her arm was still hurting. Sheesh! I'll tell you...getting that girl to see a doctor is like pulling teeth without painkillers!

So, if you think about it today, please pray that everything works out quickly for Ashley. She needs a rental vehicle or a daily ride to work, she needs to get things sorted out with her insurance, she needs a day to relax after such a bad accident, and she needs to find a new vehicle - again.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Ashley sounds like my mother and husband when it comes to physicians. I hope everything works out for her, and I certainly hope today is a billion times better for her than yesterday.

Alicia said...

Poor Ashley! I will be praying for her - hopefully her arm is just bruised.

Darlyn said...

I hope Ashley will be okay soon =(