Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where in the World is Hannah aka Loser Lucy??

Where have I been? Gone. Away from home. Away from my husband. Away from my puppy. BUT...with my younger brother. With his fiancee. With his future (tomorrow) mother-in-law. In New Hampshire.

Shayla (remember her from last summer and over Christmas time?) lives in New Hampshire. She grew up here. She's getting married up here. Hence the reason Titus and I are here. I does kinda take a bride AND a groom to have a wedding. The wedding is tomorrow. (Which you would have known had you been paying attention earlier when I mentioned Titus' mother-in-law.) Anyway, right now is the first time I've been online long enough to even get on Blogger to write about it, this week.

Today, we (from now on, "we" will refer to Titus, Shayla, and I) went into N--- to Borders (a story for another time), visited TJ Maxx to find a sweater to go over Shayla's wedding dress (it has a halter top), and stopped at Wal-Mart to purchase the flowers for her bouquet and Pepsi for the after-wedding party. Did you know that there is no sales tax in New Hampshire? I didn't before this week and let me tell's AWESOME!!!

Shayla wants red, blue or purple, and white in her wedding bouquet so I bought red roses, white chrysanthemums, blue (silk) hyacinths, and red/purple/blue ribbons. We'll see what works out best. oh! and there are supposedly these really cool red and white wildflowers on the side of the road near the house so I have to go out tomorrow morning and pick some to see if I can work them into the bouquet. Yes, mom, Rachel, and read that correctly...I am creating Shayla's bouquet. Of course, she'll have the last word about the exact arrangement, but I'm pretty sure I can manage to put something together for her. Flowers and hair DO seem to be the extent of my creative streak. Granted, I CAN do makeup too which is good because all three of those areas are falling to me. (PLEASE pray for me!!!)

The wedding is going to be super small. Just Titus, Shayla, Ma (Shay's mom), and Shay's mom's parents, and I will be there beside the Justice of Peace. Shayla and Titus figured the smaller the better which worked out well for them with the JP cause it cut his fee in half when they told him it would be no more than seven people. Gotta love that!

Anyway, I've got a list of things to NOT forget to do/take tomorrow so hopefully my part will go smoothly. My part being: get everyone out of the house alive and well. don't forget the tissues. pack the Tide to Go pen (they're getting married in a park and Shay is accident prone). flowers. hair. makeup. oh yeah! and Pictures. That's my job - to film the ceremony then to take as many pictures as I can get Titus and Shayla and her family to stand still for. (MORE prayer needed on THAT one!!) THEN, there's the belated graduation pictures to take with Shay and her grandparents once we get home from the wedding. Somewhere in there we'll throw in a little after-wedding party, more packing of Shayla's stuff, and tons more pictures along with short tempers, and, I'm sure, a few tiffs with me as the buffer. It's gonna be fun.

All that to say - here's my prayer requests for ya'll for tomorrow:

1. NO rain!! (it has rained EVERY day we've been up here this week.)
2. I don't forget anything that I need to do/take care of.
3. NO fights, tiffs, or lost tempers. (Shay's family is Irish and French...yeah, this one is VERY necessary.)
4. Flowers, hair, and makeup.
5. A good time had by all.


Alicia said...

Definitely praying for and thinking of you all! SO glad that your there making everything pretty - and taking pictures! Hopefully there's a pretty gazebo or pavillion at the park - even in the rain that wouldbe very romantic. :^)

Rachel Lynn said...

Many pictures, L.L.! Praying everything goes beautifully!

Darlyn said...

Owh..I love weddings!Hope everything will be sunny and work out well dear =)