Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Picture Time

The past two years we've had a full family picture taken of my mother-in-law's side of the family. (That's who Joseph and I have spent Thanksgiving with since we were married.) These are the before pictures...followed by the best full family pic from my camera.

Tiffany, Tiff's friend, Trey, and Liz. (Cousins)

Casey, Liz, Tiff, Tiff's friend. The oldest girl cousins...almost in age order. Casey's the oldest, then Tiff, and then Liz.

Liz, Trey, Mike, and Dad S.

Tiff's friend, Uncle Mark and Aunt Ann, PopPop, and Rachel. (I don't know who is behind the pillar.)

Left to Right: Rachel, me, Liz, Joseph, Aunt Pam, Uncle Tom, Charlie, Mom S., Dad S., Ashley, Gramma, Mike, PopPop, Aunt Ann, Uncle Mark, Tiffany, Trey, Uncle Sam, and Casey.

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