Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm so Excited!! *Edited*

I actually got through to get Twilight tickets this morning! One of D.C.'s radio stations is giving away tickets to a 12:01am showing of Twilight for tomorrow. Yes, that's after midnight so I won't even get home until just before the time I would be leaving for work so I'll be headed straight to bed when I get home from work today. I can't just call off work. No sick days and I'm not willing to use a vacation day just because I decided to go watch a movie. Plus...that's just not honest or a good policy. I'm not okay with that.

Anyway, I'm not one of those raging Twilight maniacs, but I DID enjoy the books immensely. My older sister, Alicia, got me into them. I have to admit that since I read the vampire/fantasy genre consistently, the Twilight books weren't THE BEST BOOKS EVER! to me, but they were still very intriguing. I will recommend these books to any readers that enjoy fantasy or vampire stories.
*Edit* I'm not going to go. I know. How is following all the rules changing my life? Well, some things shouldn't change, I suppose. Joseph, my husband, and I are trying to pay off some bills so any extra money is going straight to that. You might be thinking, 'But, the tickets are FREE, Hannah,' and you're correct, but gas isn't free. Unfortunately. We would have to drive almost an hour away just to get to the theater. (get this...the theater is about two minutes away from where Joseph works.) By the time the movie lets out, it would be around 2:30, another hour home and that makes it time for me to go to work and time for Joseph to wake up and get ready to drive another hour Back to his work. Useless waste of gas. I hate being sensible sometimes.

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Jacki said...

How fun is that! Let us know how the movie is...I haven't read the books yet but I am interested in them and the movie.