Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We made it out for a walk today

As soon as I got home today I let Rocky outside as I changed out of my work clothes. Then straight to the back door to let Rocky in while I looked for his blue collar and leash. Of course, I had to grab the little contraption that hangs from the leash that holds a small roll of doggie bags. Yes, that kind! Couldn't find the blue collar so I squeezed him into the red harness. Yes, you heard right, I squeezed him in. He's almost grown out of it! Two weeks ago he could pull himself straight out of it, but no more. Out we headed.
We walked through our development and into the neighboring development that actually has walking trails. Altogether we may have walked one mile, but I don't really care about the distance. I was just wicked glad that my puppy stayed with me. Or...I should say, that he even walked! See when we first got Rocky he wouldn't walk on a leash worth beans. Now, he heels beautifully and we haven't even been to obedience class yet! Everytime I slowed down or stopped he was right beside me or right in front of me sitting just like he is in the picture below.

Isn't he such a good boy? Funny story. While we were out, we crossed one road in the neighboring development that is right in the middle of a ton of construction. On our way back, there was a truck full of workers coming up the road so I stopped and waited for them to go past. While they were taking their didly old time, Rocky sat right beside me perfectly patient. All of those guys were paying more attention to my wonderful dog than they were to anything else (driver excepted). Did I mention how much I love my dog?

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