Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Decorating

Joseph started the big tree this evening. Here he is hiding his face while stringing up some of the lights. (He doesn't like his picture to be taken.)

My dining room. See the lights that Joseph has plugged in laying there on the floor. He's been keeping them plugged in to make sure none of the lights are bad before he puts them on the tree.
These are all of our tree decorations so far. I think we're going to be buying a few more since I want my tree to be blue and silver balls, blue and white lights, and blue and silver ribbon. (Go Rollers! LOL)
Once again, I'll add more pics as we get futher along with the decorating.

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Alicia said...

Brian was so excited to hear where you were putting your trees. I like your Christmas decorating play by play. It's fun to be in on it with you.