Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They Really do Love Me

Inside: You're not spoiled. You're entitled!
Heather's card

My co-workers, I mean. I knew they liked me...or, at least, pretended to. But then, I went to work this morning. First time this week. I was greeted by a VERY decorated desk and work area. LaDonna (my work BFF) went in on Sunday and put up Happy Birthday signs and Balloons all around, above, and on my desk. Such a wonderful surprise. Then, all throughout the day I received warm belated birthday wishes and greetings along with, surprise of all surprises, presents! Tina started off with hers. "I didn't have a gift bag, so I had to use Christmas wrapping paper." Are you kidding! You're giving me a PRESENT! I don't care WHAT it's wrapped with. (wasn't she wonderful!?!) It's Martha Stewart Chocolate Cake mix. Doesn't that cake on the front look delectable?? (see below)
Diana was next with the tastiest chocolate cake ever! Gina followed a few minutes later with two, count them...TWO boxes of chocolates.LaDonna treated me to lunch from Willards. Best BBQ sandwich EVER!!!! Then, because apparently a cake wasn't enough, Diana and her sister, Rosa (my supervisor) finished everything off with a Coach wallet. COACH. I am now convinced that the days AFTER a birthday are better than the actual birthday. Oh! then...I get home and I had a birthday card in my mailbox from my favorite Maryland friend, Heather.

My new COACH wallet.

Cake mix from Tina

Best Birthday after college. Period.


Alicia said...

Wow. I'm impressed. You are loved. I really do love you too even if I only sent you pieces of flair. Really.

Jacki said...

Nice wallet! I don't think I'd even be able to afford a Coach change purse. :-)

Where do you work? You have some very nice co-workers!

Phoenix said...

Jacki...I know, right! I was shocked when they handed me the bag and even more shocked when I saw the present was really Coach.
I work for TKC Integration Services. We're kinda sorta gov't contractors.

Jendi said...

Sounds like a much better work crew than that previous drink place!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Jendi! and yes. It is definitely better than Sbux!