Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Blog Title

Last night when I started my blog my title was Phoenix's Shadow. My gamer tag is PhoenixShadow and that was the coolest, catchiest thing I could think of so I played on it. This morning it just didn't feel right. What was Phoenix's Shadow and what did that have to do with me? I didn't know, therefore, I changed my title. 'Changing my Definition of Life' does mean something to me. I am satisfied with my life, but I want more in my life than just being satisified. So, starting today, I'm changing my definition of life. What can I do to live life to its fullest? At what point will I be able to say that I Love my life? I suppose this post should almost be titled...The Purpose of my Blog. If I can share with you, dear readers, my journey through life and how I seek to enjoy it and can impart some laughter into your lives, then I will consider this blog a success. Until then...Here's to changing my definition.


Alicia said...

Love the header - did you take the pic?

Phoenix said...

Yep. I took the picture. It's the old stone bridge at Manassas Battlefield.