Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rocky and the Dog Park

I'm lucky. Really, I am. I live within thirty minutes of anything I could ever want. That said, I took Rocky to the dog park this afternoon. The dog park is about 8 minutes from my house. Yesterday when we went there were only three other dogs. Charlie, a yorkie, Napoleon, a mutt, and an Australian Sheep dog. Rocky got along just fine with them. In fact, he loved chasing and playing with them. Not so today. There were quite a number of dogs there today. All of them bigger than him. Now, Rocky isn't afraid of big dogs, but most of the dogs today were pretty aggressive. Rocky's used to being the aggressive one so the dog park turned out to be quite an experience this time. He didn't really run around with the dogs today, but he did take more time to get to know the dog owners. In fact, when it was time to go, I had to pull him away from some other people that he just didn't want to leave. Crazy dog. You'd think he doesn't like me, wouldn't you. I wanted to take pictures while I was there, but since Rocky wasn't doing much there aren't any pics this time. Maybe next time.

This is a big step in my own life. I'm not usually the kind of person that is comfortable around complete strangers, but Rocky gives me common ground with them. I can carry on a conversation just by beginning to talk about our dogs. He's good for me, that boxer. Gets me out of my house, walking around, and socializing. Ack! what's this world coming to...I've spoken to four people that I had never met before just today. Change is in the air this fall and I kinda like it.


jendi said...

You are talking to strangers and I'm making friends online. This world is going crazy! LOL


Britt said...

Hannah! Welcome to blogging world!!

Jacki said...

Just wait until you start having kids and asked to join a mom's group!

Terri Deitrich said...

Hi Hannah!
While I don't have a blog (and never will) I will be happy to read and respond to yours :)
Nice to know you are flourishing!