Monday, November 17, 2008

Looooong Day

It is only 5:47pm but to me it seriously feels like 8 o' clock to me. For some reason this day has been unbelievably long. I woke up three minutes after my alarm went off, only I never heard my alarm this morning. (my body is crazy like that.) Anyway, I start work latest by 5am each day. Yes, that's wicked early, but I like it that way. I prefer the early morning hours before anyone else come in because I can get more work done in those four hours than I can in the remainder of my day. Anyway, I was fairly well caught up with everything from last week so today I was actually looking for things to do. It was so bad that I even took some work off LaDonna's desk since she was out sick today. I'm not your average office worker in any sense of the definition, but I usually enjoy my work. I guess the weather caught up with me. There may have been a beautiful sunrise this morning, but the clouds didn't take long to show up. This is probably the most rambling blog post ever, but I wanted to write something about the length of today. Hmmm. I suppose you could say that the long day just made me crazy. Yup. It helped anyway.


Britt said...

hey, I can't reply to your comments thru I'll comment here.
The idea of a gift certificate is a fine idea, except they live over an hour away and I don't drive (it's my handicap). And they don't have their own house (living with her parents) so I can't just get them whatever. It's hard to explain...and therefore hard to figure out a gift.

Our story... said...

You are crazy.. but I love you anyways:)

Jacki said...

I agree....I like going into work early and getting the day started before it gets really hectic. I am thankful for the sunshine we are having today! Too bad it is so cold outside right now.