Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looks So Empty

My house was beautiful for Christmas. I've really enjoyed every bit of greenery and decoration in my house this Christmas season. My parents' home was much too small to ever have much more than a small Christmas tree for the longest time and even now, they only have a 5ft. tree. Because of that, it has always been my dream to decorate my home with as much as my house will allow while still remaining classy (as in...not overdone). Unfortunately, Christmas doesn't last forever and this weekend was the weekend Joseph and I finally had the time to take everything down. Things went from green to very bare.

The stairs

My beautiful tree

The tree and its lights now

The emptiness left after the tree was taken down.

The stairs now. They look so PLAIN! I can hardly stand it. I've seriously been trying to think of what I can put on the railing to make it look a little less lonely, but I have no ideas. I suppose it won't look so bad once we start painting. (That starts next month, I think.) Do any of ya'll have any ideas of what I can do to add some color to my entryway until the paint starts going up?


Jacki said...

Our house always looks empty for a day or two, then Emma starts spreading her toys all over the place, and that takes care of the empty look. :-)

Alicia said...

What about a floral wreath hanging from the rail at the top landing?

Phoenix said...

oooh! Good idea, Leash!

Terri said...

I would get some strands of ivy or flowers and weave them around/through the banister. Maybe you could also put a small table up against the top landing area and put a hige vase with flowers and candles on it.