Monday, January 19, 2009

Seeing the "Hobbit Hole"

Alicia spoke of our parents house as a hobbit hole so I figured I might as well show you a little of what she meant.
This is the girls' room. Imagine three girls in here. Where the dresser is now, was where Alicia's bed used to be. That blue chair with the plastic bag on it... there were two dressers back to back there for Rachel and I. Alicia's dresser was in the corner that you can't see to the right. The ceilings in the house are about 6 1/2 ft. high which is why it seems as though I was holding the camera really high. Everything is really just super short in order to fit properly.

This is the "playroom". Well, it used to be anyway. Now it's more the TV room. The entire left wall (that you can't see) is a floor to ceiling bookshelf that is two layers of books deep plus books piled on top. Way back in the way backs, Mom used to correct our school books in this room. The love seat wasn't right there to the right. Instead, there was a desk and a shelf of school books.

This is the living room. The door to the left straight ahead leads to the attic. That's the playroom ahead there too. Mom's piano, that will be mine someday, is right there in the front left corner of the picture. This room is long, but not much else. Where that table is by the piano...that's where Mom's Christmas tree goes.

The kitchen. The last time the whole family fit in there at the table...I don't even remember it. It's tiny, but homey.

Another angle of the living room. That's a little more of the piano.
Thanks for coming on the tour. I obviously didn't show the parents' room, and the boys' room, but I'm sure you get the idea that the house is...SMALL.

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anna said...

thanks for sharing! ;) it always helps me when i can visualize things