Friday, January 9, 2009


NOT Rocky's favorite word. I promise. However, he made me look really good last night at his very first obedience class. I signed us up at PetSmart since that was the only close and affordable class I could find. We learned 'Watch Me', 'Come', and what to do to discourage jumping. The class started with socialization which consisted of passing the dogs in the class around the room to another pet owner. Let me just tell you that all the other dogs were straining on their leashes to get to the other dogs or to their own people, but not my dog...nope, Rocky loved up on every person in that class. Laid back, lazy boxer! Smokey the poodle, Foxy the German Shepherd mix, Mae the German Shepherd, and Wiggle the Australian Shepherd are all older than Rocky. You'd think they would be a little bit more relaxed. I'll tell you, Foxy was the strongest dog there. Second smallest, but the strongest. Mae was the jumpiest, Wiggle the loudest, and Smokey the most timid. I don't think the pet trainer knew what to think of Rocky. He did each command correctly the very first time and when she was just talking and explaining things he laid on the ground at my feet. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my dog? I think we'll be just fine through this class...IF we can manage to get him to pay attention to me when we go off the leash in two weeks. Start praying for me now.

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