Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you?

When the newest President, Barack Obama, was sworn in? I didn't vote for him, don't agree with his standards or political beliefs, but he IS our President. And, he is the very first black President. It was a historic moment.

I was at work. Watching the swearing in on streaming live MSN.com. Humorous, the actual oath. Both President Obama and the Justice that swore him in slipped a little. It did, I think, add a bit of lightness to the entire ceremony.

I have to admit, though. President Obama did surprise me with his distinct ability to keep his cool despite the flub.

I will be praying continually for our country for the next four years. I can only pray that our country will realize the truth of this new President before we end up losing more of our rights as free citizens of the United States.

So, where were you and what do YOU think of our new President?


Terri said...

I was at work and didn't see any of the inauguration. What do I think of Obama? I think he is a good talker, a socialist and is going to try and head our country in the wrong direction.

Jacki said...

I was at home, and we watched it all. I think that Obama is a good talker, but actions speak louder than words. Only time will tell what his true agenda is.