Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meal Planning

One of my unwritten (as of right now) new years resolutions is to have more of a plan for meals each day. I'm so discombobulated when it comes to knowing what to make for dinner each day after work. So, after leaving church this morning, I told Titus that he needed to help me plan dinners for the rest of the month. He didn't really help at all, but I did get half of the month written down.
My Workspace

My calendar book with a meal listed on each day that I'll be cooking something. Sundays will be my leftover days.
What do YOU do to keep track of what you're making each day? Do you use meal plans or do you just wing it? What works for you?


Jacki said...

I sit down once a week with a couple of cookbooks and plan the weekly meals based on what meat is on sale. I also try to include one or two meatless meals, along with "breakfast for dinner" type things. I have tried doing 2 weeks at a time, but by the 8th day I no longer want what I planned. :-)

Terri said...

I pretty much wing it. I normally look through my cook books and whatever jums out at me I check my pantry, buy the stuff I need and then keep a meal list on the fridge.

Jendi said...

Oh I do it really fancy...I use a Post-It note slapped on the side of the fridge. LOL But it does help to have it planned week by week.

I don't plan breakfasts - we eat what is available. Lunch is vaguely planned for the week and that's where I use leftovers.

I'm a flier shopper and box mix user.

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