Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because you haven't heard enough

Books, books, books. That's all she ever writes about! Well, not technically, but pretty close. Books are a safe subject for me. I can never run out of books to write about, but I really DO try to limit the number of posts that I devote to books. So, this will be my last for the night.

I need to set a new goal. Last year's goal was to read 100 books. I read 117. While being realistic, I really do want to set a higher goal. and reach it. What's reasonable? What's realistic? I've already read 7 books this year and it's only 5 days in. By the time I go to sleep tonight I will have finished at least one more. Should I shoot for 120? That's only 12 books a month. Pittance! Perhaps 142 - 13 books a month. But then, why not go for 8 more and make it a nice even 150?

Yes, I think that's what I will set my goal at. 150 books read in 2010. Good luck to me. I'm going to need it!


Whitney said...

Wow. I am hoping for 24 books this year. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday. 150 books this year that's an AWESOME challenge!

FishMama said...

Amazing challenge! How are you doing with it?