Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Time Stood Still

You know how God stopped time for Joshua and the Israelites while they battled the Amorites? Well, I wish He would stop time for me today. I'll try not to give too many details just because I know how long I can go on, just giving the details about something. Here's the deal, I work in an office environment. My job is to support the sales representatives of my company. I only have four actual reps that I personally deal with on a daily basis, however, these four reps provide me with more work than what some of my coworkers receive from their Six or more reps. Anyway, on top of the work from the reps, I also have to answer an untold number of emails each day (my daily average of emails I send is around 30), fill out spreadsheets, and assist my coworkers with work that I may know more about than they do. This all said, I'm busy from the time I begin my work in the morning until 3:30pm when I leave for the day. I do work a full eight hours each day, if not more since I am at my desk each morning by 5:30am. Those are the details of my job. This is my problem: Two of the reps that I deal with are all from one group known as Seattle because the group originated in Seattle. This group does an enormous amount of work and should technically have their very own dedicated operations (that's me) person. They are also VERY picky. and Impatient. They seem to forget that they are not the only reps in the world. They want all of their billing and new orders taken care of the very day that they are sent in. Unfortunately, what they don't see is all of the other work that I have to do each day. This past week, it came to light that I was two weeks behind in my work and let me just tell you that my supervisors have NOT been happy. At the same time, neither one of them cared to listen to my side of the issue. The side that deals with a massive amount of work each day. Now here's where it gets fun. These Seattle people are very on top of their orders. Not a bad thing in the least unless you're already bogged down with other work. There are only eight hours in a work day and no matter which way you push or pull, twelve hours of work is not going to be completed in eight hours. No way. No how. So, because I got behind, Seattle went to the Vice President of my company and complained to him. And you wanna know who is getting all the blame for this mess? Me. The person who has more work than there are hours in a day. And what did my direct boss have to say about it? "I realize you have alot of work, but how are you two weeks behind?" I really didn't even try to explain. It just would have sounded like I was trying to make excuses for being lazy.

So, what would I do if time stood still? Depending on the time that God gave me, I'd get completely caught up on my work then I'd go look for another job and I'd quit my current one before time started again. And I would NOT look back.

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Alicia said...

You definitely need a different job. If they had to find someone else to do what you did, they'd be in a pickle, wouldn't they?

I feel like I'm permanently behind here too, if it's any comfort. I would need time to stand still for months probably just to catch up.